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Welcome to the Family Allergy and Asthma Medical Center

Welcome to Family Allergy and Asthma Medical Center. Patients of all ages with allergy and asthma related problems are seen by board certified allergist, Madhu Berman, MD, at two locations in the South Bay area. Dr. Berman has been at the Rancho Palos Verdes office since 1996 and Manhattan Beach office since 2000. Both offices are located in safe areas which are close to the freeway and have plenty of parking.

At Family Allergy and Asthma Medical center, we are committed to providing the highest quality medical care to all of our patients. We believe in listening to the patient and structuring the treatment plan to suit each patient's individual needs. We encourage patients to ask questions and to actively participate in their therapeutic decisions.

We schedule longer appointments than most other practices. This enables us to spend more time with each patient, instead of shuffling them in and out. We believe that more time with the doctor leads to more compliant patients, who have a better understanding of their medical diagnosis and treatment. This directly contributes to better patient recovery, healing, and satisfaction.

Our goals are our patients' safety, comfort, privacy and to keep patients fully informed.

We consider education to be a vital aspect in the treatment of allergies. We provide the following information as needed:

  • Insight into the disease
  • Possible causes and triggers
  • Environmental modification to minimize allergies
  • Benefit versus side effect of various treatment options
  • Impact of heredity on allergies
  • Prevention of allergies before and after birth

We have additional resources available to enhance your health education.